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antique furniture

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Western furniture has been affected by four main sources:
Egyptian, Asian (Persian and Chinese), Greek, and Gothic.

6,000 years old. Displayed an advanced form of woodworking and
decoration , characterized by inlays of gold, ivory and animal forms.

Favored the low couch, the tripod, and graceful, curved outlines.
Renaissance brought richly decorated pieces for domestic interiors
Furniture became a leading influence with the Louis styles,
France became a very powerful country from the start of the 18th century
The latest fashion in France was rapidly passed to other countries
Louis XIV with the Baroque , carving of animals , and beasts of mythology
Louis XV with curvaceous Rococo , curved cabriole legs and peinture
Louis XVI with squarer outlines , straighter legs , and simpler forms
Boulle :- with beautiful inlaid marquetry of tortoiseshell , brass and ivory
Elizabethan :- in oak, with huge, bulbous supports;
Jacobean :- lighter and more comfortable, with spiral supports;
William and Mary :- curved outlines, trumpet leg, and inverted-cupfoot
Queen Ann :- cyma curves, rounded cabriole leg, and broken pediment
Georgian :- fine cabinetwork in a number of styles set by such designers
as Chippendale , Hepplewhite, Robert Adam , James and Sheraton etc .

furniture adapted current English styles in utilitarian form
Later Phyfe, Savery, and John Goddard, added walnut and mahogany
The late 19th cent. brought mass production of machine-made furniture
and saw an expression of flamboyant taste in golden oak of rococo design;
This was followed by a reaction in the United States to the Mission style
of rectilinear construction in weathered oak.